Are you looking for a low cost, reliable and all-inclusive solution for supply chain management, quality manufacturing services and product development in China?

China 2 West is your one stop solution provider for all your supply chain management, manufacturing, quality control, and? product development requirements.

C2W SE Asia

Your partner in Asia


Looking to seek out alternative low cost supply chain solutions in Asia (China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand etc)?

With our HQ in China and regional offices in Bangkok (Thailand) and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), we offer competitive and quality manufacturing services including factory audits, sourcing and assistance in building a reliable supply chain.

Why choose C2W?





Since 2005, C2W has amassed a vast database of information and knowledge, and an extensive network of reliable suppliers in 1000’s of processes and product categories.



C2W was founded by a former Royal Marines officer with the core values of transparency and integrity. Since 2005 these values have remained integral to our success.



At C2W we believe in western standards of service, communications and quality. All 3 Directors are British and based permanently in Asia.



C2W is located where the action is?happening rather than 1000’s of miles away in expensive offices. This is not only more practical but saves money which is passed on to you, our valued customers.

C2W at a Glance


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